Do you want Personalized Recipes just for YOU?

One of the struggles that I used to have, and honestly still have a little, is what to make every day for dinner or lunch. There is a huge savings in eating at home and if you can manage to do it daily, not only do you save money but you have the opportunity to eat exactly what you want. I would like to help my followers with that. Take the following steps and I will create a recipe for you or show you how to incorporate an ingredient into a recipe.

  1. In an email or the contact form below, provide me with your top 3-5 ingredients that you have most of in your kitchen
  2. Provide me with the recipe you are thinking of making along with additional ingredients that you want to incorporate, but do not know how

I can’t promise that you won’t have to buy some additional ingredients, but this is a great way to make sure that you are using all your ingredients and not letting them go to waste.