About Alina Freyre “Ali”

Let me introduce myself, my name is Alina “Ali” Freyre and above is a picture of my beautiful family (left to right) – Megan (my sons girlfriend), Andy (my son), Gaby (my daughter), Me (the blonde) and Andy (my husband). This was taken on Thanksgiving 2017 and I love this picture because it really shows how happy we ALL are. I can’t say that my life has been a bowl of cherries and  I have definitely had by share of up’s and down’s. But in 2016 I came to a realization that I am the master of my fate and only I can steer the ship in a positive direction or a negative one. When I realized that, everything started changing. The power of positive thinking became the driving factor in my life and I made a lot of changes. I began eating well, exercising, my husband and I started dating more, I quit my job of 6 years and became a Realtor (one of my callings) and FINALLY finished my cookbook. I say finally because I have been accumulating recipes since 2009, went to culinary school, had a catering company and a bistro and just never had the time.

I want everything that I share through this blog to be a reflection of all the happiness I feel and if I can inspire at least one person to make that change in their life, whatever that may be, then that will make me even happier.  If all goes well, maybe my acronym “L.E.F.” will take off and we will all be living well, eating well and feeling well.

You will find additional information throughout my blog regarding the purchase of my cookbook, but you can take this link and buy the hard copy or an e-copy. Hope you enjoy it and that you send me some photos along with some possible reviews through amazon. 

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p.s. Below is a picture of me on my birthday (literally) in 2016…shortly after that day was when I changed my mind set. In the other picture I had lost a lot of my weight and I was feeling incredible.