Asian Veggie Lettuce Wraps

Asian Lettace Wrap

Looking for a vegetarian, low carb and delicious meal? This is it!  My son and his girlfriend are vegetarians, I don’t eat red meat and my husband and daughter eat everything so I always try to make meals that everyone can eat together without having to make 3 separate dishes.

After I made the dish and we all ate, I realized that it was so good that I did not make enough. Lettuce wraps are a lot larger and hold more that the regular wrap so next time I will double up. However, for the purpose of the recipe, I will provide you with the appropriate quantities. Also, if you want to add protein to the meal, please feel free, however, cook it separately and then add to the dish at the end.

Asian Lettuce Wrap Filling
Slaw for the Asian Lettuce Wrap




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