My husband and I came up with the silly name for the dish since that is exactly what the dish is…tuna and guacamole. Here is how it came to be.

So I was very busy yesterday on the computer, finishing my post real estate license exam and proofing my cook book but I was so hungry. These are the moments that things can go one of two ways. 1) you go to the kitchen and eat the quickest easiest thing you can find (healthy or not) and stuff it down your face or 2) take a moment and make yourself something healthy and delicious. To be healthy and delicious doesn’t require a lot of time and prepping, and that’s basically, what is this represents.

Tunafish is usually a protein on many diets and I feel it’s very versatile. Since I’m a Pescaterrian, it’s an easy way for me to get my protein in and I always have fun with the different ways I can use it. Most people will usually have some cans in the pantry. Since I don’t care for the typical mayo most people add to their tuna I always skip that. I do however love avocado. One of my first posts I have a perfect guacamole, which by the way my kids made for them selves and thought it was amazing. We always have avocado’s in the kitchen, so I simply took a version of the guacamole recipe and added the tuna… voila, Guacatuna!


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