Season your Eggs 1st


This is not the best photo but the recommendation I want to make is a simple one. We make a lot of egg dishes at my home especially since I love to make brunch for all occasions. I make quiches, I make breakfast sandwiches, I make omelettes, scrambled eggs, etc. With all of these dishes that call for scrambled eggs,the common denominator for each recipe is, always season your eggs first.  In this particular photo, the eggs are seasoned with oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, sale and pepper. The egg softens the dry oregano and really takes the dish to another flavor level. The below photo is after I add the egg mixture to a medium heat non stick pan that I sautéed veggies (any that you want) and made an omelette. You can then serve with some toast and a side of avocado or some sliced tomatoes.



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