Healthy Quinoa Salad

IMG_0643I am trying to get back into the swing of things after the New Year, as I am sure we all are, so one thing I am doing is prepping certain foods so that I ensure that I eat well. One of the things I made today was multi-colored quinoa. This is such a versitile vessel for so many flavors and it’s a super food. You can also eat it cold or hot which makes it great as a salad. SInce it is so easy to make, you can make a lot or a little and it make no difference time wise, so more is better.  This is a great salad to have for lunch at school or work and quinoa holds up well so you can add the dressing in the am and it soaks well. Enjoy and don’t forget to look at the tips portion below I will give you a few ideas.

Ingredients:          serving is enough for one
Quinoa (enough to save for later)
*Multi-color quinoa – 2 cups
*Vegetable stock – 4 cups (you can use chicken stock if you like)
*Quinoa – 1/2 cup cooked
*Tomato – 1/4 cup, small dice
*Yellow pepper – 1/4 cup, small dice
*Green onion – 2 stems, small dice
*Broccoli, 3 florrets, diced
*Olive oil, 2 tablespoons
*White wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon
*Koser salt, 1/4 teaspoon
*Pepper, 1/8 Teaspoon

  • Place everything, quinoa, tomato, yellow pepper, green onion, broccoli, in a large bowl and then sprinkle salt and pepper.
  • Drizzle the olive oil and the vinegar and mix well.

Tips: Try making a stirfry with veggies and soy sauce. You can also make as mediterranean with cheese that gives me a great idea with the extra that I have. That salad will come this week.


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