Curve your sweet tooth craving

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Do you find yourself craving sweets after every meal or in the middle of the day? I do at times and my husband has a big sweet tooth. When you are trying to eat well and watch what you eat, it’s hard to find something that will satisfy that need. Until now…Coffee is a great way to curb that craving by adding whipped cream. We normally will make cuban coffee, that is served in a small shot size mug and then add whipped cream to it. The whipped cream adds texture and you can eat it with a spoon as well. I normally add Stevia to the coffee to spare the sugar, but you can add a little brown sugar or some honey and the whipped cream and it is fantastic.

After you have the coffee, brush your teeth immediately and this also helps with the urge. It may be mental, but I always find that once I brush my teeth at night I don’t want to eat anything else. Try it out next time and tell me how it goes.


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