Patience….Not just a vertiue but a necessity!

I feel that I have always been a pretty patient person with just about everything, except driving. Anyone that knows me or has been in the car with me (and I am sorry about that, but it is who I am) knows that I have road rage. I believe it’s due to the terrible drivers in Miami, especially when you drive calle ocho (ugggggg). Anyway, enough about that, lets talk patience.

When I had my first-born, that is when I knew that everything I did had to be surrounded by patience. Like I stated earlier, I have always been pretty patient, but once my son was born, it became apparent that patience HAD to be key in my life. Raising a child has not been the easiest thing, but it is the most rewarding thing I have ever had the pleasure of doing and I owe a lot of it to patience.

Patience also is easier when it’s your child. I think my ability to always put myself in my kids shoes at every age is what has helped me tremendously with regards to being patient. We as parents sometimes forget that we too were that age. And we probably were worse than our kids today are. Being a patient mother I think is something that has helped my children mold into the amazing young adults they are today. It gives them a sense of calmness when they have to tell me something that I may not want to hear or when they want to ask me to do something that I may not want them to do. I try to stop and think through the scenarios and I always take myself back to that time in my life before I make my decision. I talk things through with them and help them understand why I can’t just say yes or why I am saying no. I think that explaining to our kids our reasoning and then allowing them to tell us why they want to do something is so very important. This ensures that we are all on the same page and that we come to a decision that we all agree on.

So that is one type of patience…There is another type of patience that is the most crucial and the hardest one to manage. Patience of when you asked someone to do something and they do not. This one is not just the kids, this one now includes the spouse. If you notice my picture above, this is one of my moments when I have to exercise patience and I will say I have to do this daily!

The saying, pick your battles is a very subtle way of saying, gain patience my friend this is a long road with a lot of ups and downs. So going back to the dishwasher. I fill the dishwasher and I empty the dishwasher and for some reason I feel as if “I” am usually the only one that does this. My daughter was kind enough to make me some magnets that said “dirty” and “clean” so that it would let others know when it was time to fill and when it was time to empty.  Needless to say, I am the only one that pays attention to those.

The point of my rant is simple, it’s just dishes and I have chosen to not fight that battle and leave my energy for more important things like being happy. If we let the little things bother us then it changes our mood and through out the day things will tend to annoy you and your day won’t be as great as it should be. Let simple things go and find a way to tell your family it bothers you without making yourself upset. For example, next time you make dinner give them a paper towel and a fork and tell them the dishes are dirty. Or serve them in an obscene size platter because the dishes have not been washed. Try to stop and reflect before you allow your frustration rear its ugly head. It is a hard exercise, but when you master it I promise, you will be smiling a lot more!

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