Great Day!

My daughter and me in Colorado

Today is Sunday, and that alone is great. I love Saturdays more since you still have Sunday to relax, but then you have Sunday, which is also to relax. Last night I had a new experience as a mom…my daughter came home at 2:30 am. She was not out partying and I was always in contact with her, the entire time, but she and some friends went to a late movie, then to eat, then to take everyone else home first. It was one of those moment that you have to stop and recollect your thoughts to make sure that your brain, heart and mouth all work collectively in how and what message you are going to deliver.  My daughter was upset that I was frustrated and we both went to bed with mixed emotions. So I decided that today was all about re-grouping. We spent the day at home and I made her lunch and then we went and picked up my mom to see my nephew at his first Christmas show, too cute. He is 20 months old and the cutest. After that we went to see a house that we are going to make and offer on. We have been looking for a home for quite sometime so that was very exciting. After that we went to dinner at “El Carajo”. This is a restaurant in a gas station that is actually excellent. I had the pulpo al ajillo and the we shared the frituritas de bacalao. My daughter and mother, being carnivores, one had the churrasco and the other the lamb. This place is a must try and they also have some nice desserts and a huge wine cellar. You can also stop by to get some dessert and coffee and skip the dinner.

The point of my story is that it is so important to me to make sure that my daughter understands that no matter what I love her unconditionally. That she understands I was 15 years old once and God knows that I was not perfect. I tell her that there is no need to test the boundaries because I want her to enjoy her age and experience the things she should be experiencing while always being honest with me and talking to me. That she knows that I love her more than anyone and the only thing I always have is her best interest at heart. So when I have these moments to talk about this with her and to enjoy her, her age, her beauty and everything in between, it is always a great day.

I’m not gonna lie, my daughter is my best friend and I will work every day to ensure that I am hers!

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