Welcome to my blog

Me on my way to show houses

Today (12/12/2017) marks the first day of my blog and it is a symbolic day, because it is my son’s 20th birthday. Every year I ask my son what he wants for his birthday and every year he used to ask for Vaca frita. However, since he became a vegetarian, those days are no more. This year, he asked me for veggie burgers and potatoes. I have made a few veggie burgers before and countless potato recipes, so I had to do something special today.

I started going through some of my cook books t and thought that it would be fun to re-enact the movie Julie and Julia by recreating recipes, “my way” and then writing about it along with the recipe. I also have a cookbook that is in publishing and I am hoping to release in early 2018 and figured this would be a great way to get all of you to start getting to know me and my cooking style.

I am very excited to share with you all my recipes, in real time and daily that not only taste great but are healthy for you.  I changed my diet about a year ago and was able to loose 50 pounds and I feel fantastic. I hope to encourage you all by wowing you with flavor. Join me on my adventure of Living Well, Eating Well and Feeling Well – “L.E.F.” Remember that everything in moderation.

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