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Hi, and welcome to my Diversified Table  

If it is your first time on the site, thank you for coming by and I hope that you enjoy all the recipes and tips it has to offer. We ask that if you like what you see, that you will follow us to make sure keep up with all the information we have to come. Cooking is a passion for me and everything I create is based on experiences, taste buds, cravings from my family and fresh ingredients. Besides recipes, you will find tips of the day where I select a specific ingredient or topic and share 3 tips with you. Feel free to ask questions on any of them and also share your own bit of information in the comments.

How I create the recipes

There are so many recipes that I have created through the years and as I recreate some, as well as create new ones I go through the recipe jot everything and then make any changes or additions needed so that it’s perfect before I add to the site. I also usually experiment all my resumes with my family for their seal of approval.

Most of my cooking style has been influenced by  Cuban Cuisine and also favoring  Mediterranean Cuisine, you’ll find that some of the recipes have a fusion of these flavors.

Since I have 2 vegetarians, 2 carnivores and I don’t eat red meat, I have organized the recipes based in a way that they are easily searchable. On the menu up top you’ll find a section for featured ingredients, the course of the meal as well as what season it may be great in so you don’t have to rummage through any recipe that you know you would not be interested in.

Make sure to check out the section called meal plan under the featured category. Here you will find different recipes that I will pair up with each other to create an entire meal.

Please feel free to try all the recipes whenever you can, and all feedback is welcomed; just comment in the section under the recipe. We also welcome you share any recipe you love, and you think is a must try for any of your friends and families.

Alina Freyre and her family (right to left- Andy, Alina, Gaby, Andy Jr, and Megan)
Why I started the blog

In 2008 I decided to attend culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu and complete a life long passion to open a restaurant, however, the day before we opened our doors, my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We opened the restaurant but shortly closed 6 months later due to exhaustion. In 2009 my family gave a leather-bound journal that I used as my first cookbook. In 2017 I made the decision to turn that book into an actual cookbook and I published it at the beginning of 2018; ”The Diversified Table with a Latin Twist”. With all the technology, it made more sense to start a food blog and share my recipes immediately with all of you.

My mission is to continue striving to create delicious and unique recipes for our followers while ensuring that they are easy to re-create, allowing you to spend time with family.

My original cookbook from 2009

I am an advocate of any product that makes my life easier in the kitchen without sacrificing the integrity of the recipe. I have recently learned that there is a way for me to share these products with all of you through the site. At times you will see a link for the product that will direct you to for ease of purchase. You will also have a review on the product from me and why I feel it is worth purchasing.

Since the blog is relatively new, I welcome any advertiser, brand or vendors interested in advertising through the site. Please contact Alina directly via email.

Alina Freyre
Contact Us

Followers can reach Alina through email or by following us on social media  Twitter, on Instagram andFacebook.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy at least one recipe.


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